The local magistrate suspects that Verenkilar is holed up in a cave in the local mountains. Unfortunately there are dozens of caves in the local mountains to explore and the magistrate is skeptical that you will find Verenkilar. Your goal in this quest is to hunt down Verenkilar and bring him to justice.

The minimum CR for this quest is 3. This quest involves searching a single cave where you may or may not find Verenkilar. You may want to consider completing some other quests to discover evidence of Verenkilar's whereabouts before pursuing this quest.

Before you begin the quest all players perform a Follow Tracks check. On success add a temporary 2 points to your evidence (these temporary points go away after you roll for the quest room).

To search a cave, go through the dungeon until you find the final quest room. When you open the quest room door (and before any enemies are revealed) roll d10 + evidence, on 10+ you found the villain. On failure, you gain +1 evidence and draw two monsters cards. You get an extra roll on the treasure chart when the quest is done.

From here:

  • On success, congratulations! Each player rolls on the treasure table. This quest line is over, start a new quest line.
  • If you fail to find Verenkilar, you can try searching for Verenkilar in another cave, or if you haven't done it already search for clues in another quest in this quest line.
  • If you failed to defeat Verenkilar, but lived you can attempt this quest again. You will automatically find Verenkilar in the main quest room, but you still have to clear the dungeon.
  • If you were defeated by Verenkilar he does not kill you, but steals the most valuable small item from each hero and all your gold. Verenkilar sets up a new hideout and your evidence counter loses two to a minimum of zero.