Sneaks informed you that Houndaer has blackmailed a wealthy merchant into letting him use the basement of the merchant's mansion as a hideout. You quietly enter the basement through a window and begin your search.

Deck setup:

  • Houndaer takes security seriously, include twice as many traps as usual in this deck.

You find Houndaer in the main quest room. You have two choices:

  • You can attempt to reduce him to 1/3 health or helpless and then perform an intimidate check. You gain 3 evidence when looking for Verenkilar.
  • You can bribe him with a successful diplomacy check and gold before the fight starts. You gain 4 evidence when looking for Verenkilar.
CR Bribe (gp)
1 75
2 500
3 1500
4 3000
5 5250
6 8000
7 11750
8 16500
9 23000
10 31000
11 41000
12 54000

If you defeat Houndaer in battle you get his weapons and a roll on the treasure table. If you bribed Houndaer you get no rewards.

If you kill Houndaer you get no additional evidence and only the loot on his body.

Next steps:

  • If you escaped alive, Continue on to Hunt Down Verenkilar.
  • If you were defeated, you're dead. Sorry.